ProSkill Inter-University Field Trips

Within the framework of the EU-funded project ProSkill, two field trips for students from the partner universities will be organised: one in the Czech Republic and the other in Slovakia. The field trips include a dedicated visit to a company or factory and workshops focusing on developing the skills required in the raw materials sector.

The first field trip already took place in Ostrava, Czech Republic, in September 2021. A total of 80 students and 8 teachers from the ProSkill partner universities participated. Participants could learn about new technologies such as supercomputing and hi-tech production lines using industry 4.0 technology, but also about historical technologies like coal and blast furnace.

The second field trip will take place in Slovakia in September 2022.

Stay tuned to know more.

ProSkill International Mentoring Programme

The EU-funded project ProSkill aims to develop a high-skill ecosystem to tackle skill problems and gaps in the mineral raw materials industry of the Visegrád countries. One of the activities organised to achieve this is the ProSkill International Mentoring Programme, coordinated by project partner European Federation of Geologists (EFG).

Mentoring is a training process in which experienced professionals (mentors) guide other individuals (mentees) in their professional development in a targeted way and over a fixed period. 

The ProSkill International Mentoring Programme is matching students (mentees) from project partner universities with industry professionals (mentors). The employees of the future will have to adapt to new challenges and changes in the industry. In addition, they will need to develop both technical and soft skills, which are not necessarily learnt at university. The mentors are experienced professionals who are European Geologists’ title holders. Their vast experience can help mentees to know which are the current and future needs of the industry.

 Some of the benefits the mentees can obtain are:

  • broadening their professional network 
  • improving technical knowledge in a particular field 
  • improving leadership/management skills 
  • acquiring practical tools and strategies for the transition from a junior role into roles with higher responsibilities 
  • benefiting from insider knowledge about work perspectives in another geosciences sector or other countries and obtaining practical advice and contacts

If you would like to know more about the EFG/ProSkill International Mentoring programme, you can find more information here: