ProSkill presented at an education fair in Jakarta, Indonesia

ProSkill Project Coordinator Tamás Bakó from the University of Miskolc participated in an education fair in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 18 November 2023, organised by the Begin Group. Tamás Bakó had the opportunity to include the ProSkill project in his presentation to approximately 200 interested people.

In addition, during the fair, the ProSkill Project Coordinator could distribute promotional Proskill brochures to those fair attendees interested in becoming students of the University of Miskolc. The brochure distributed showcases the talent-management activities organised thanks to the ProSkill project.

ProSkill at the Researchers Night 2023 in Miskolc

The annual Researchers Night event was organised on 29 September 2023 by the University of Miskolc. ProSkill Project Coordinator Tamás Bako and her colleague Dóra Andráskó took the occasion to promote the ProSkill project and its results from 17:30 to 19:00. Approximately 200 people attended the Researchers Night and had the opportunity to learn more about the project.


ProSkill at the 60th AIPG Anniversary

EFG President David Govoni and Interim Director of Stakeholder Engagement Maureen represented the European Federation of Geologists at the 60th anniversary of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) that took place from September 16th to 19th in Covington, Kentucky.

AIPG generously extended the opportunity to the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) to set up a booth, enabling the Federation to showcase its diverse range of activities. This platform was particularly valuable for introducing EFG’s EU-funded projects, including the ProSkill project.

ProSkill at the Green Tech Conference in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

ProSkill Coordinator Tamás Bakó participated in the Green Tech Conference taking place on 25 and 26 May 2023 in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. Tamás Bakó participated as the representative of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Miskolc and had the opportunity to promote the ProSkill project results.


Students and corporate, institutional and government stakeholders participated in the conference.

The Hungarian Minister of Energy, Csaba Lantos, opened the conference on 25 May and the Minister without portfolio for Land Development, Tibor Navracsics, opened it on 26 May.

The conference and trade show focused on green technology and sustainable development and tried to answer the following questions: Will we have enough energy all the time? Can we finance our energy needs? How is the energy mix of Hungary developing? Can we achieve energy independence?

ProSkill in the second TRiPGiFT online event

The Erasmus+ project TRiPGiFT organised the second online event ‘Training pupils on geosciences through Virtual Field Trips’ on 9 May 2023. As the event focused on geoscience education, the ProSkill Coordinator Tamás Bakó was invited to give a presentation on the lessons learnt thanks to the ProSkill project that can be applied to other projects.


The TRiPGiFT online event was 4 hours long and different experts on geoscience education and virtual reality provided interesting presentations on related topics (see agenda).


The TRiPGiFT project will provide new tools for teaching and promoting geoscience education. Three Virtual Field Trips will be developed for understanding geological-geomorphological features, marble mining and extreme weather events accompanied by corresponding new educational material.

The second TRiPGiFT online event was recorded and it is available at the following links:

-Part 1:

-Part 2:

ProSkill Guest Lectures

The ProSkill guest lectures have aimed at enhancing the soft and hard skills of students to achieve higher competitiveness in the international market. The most relevant soft skills for the raw materials sector were identified by conducting interviews and questionnaires with industrial managers within Workpackage 3: Building community among partners – development of a skill ecosystem. The results of this research have been taken into account by project partner universities for planning the guest lectures.


Guest lecture 2 by the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava of the Slovak University of Technology: Stellantis presentation by Martinom Dzamon and visit to the factory


Each partner university has been organising guest lectures between 2021 and 2022. Most of the lectures were organised in the different national languages: Slovak, Czech, Hungarian and Polish. Due to the pandemic, some of the lectures were online instead of in person.


Guest lecture 3 by Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava of the Slovak University of Technology: Presentation by Martin Foltin



The topics of the lectures were related to the soft and hard skills needed in the raw materials sector, such as project management, soft skills in practice, social media management or the skills needed in the industry – with presentations from companies like Siemens, BMW and Stellantis.


Guest lecture 3 by the Silesian University of Technology: Presentation by Adam Bosowski


You can find some of the presentation slides of the guest lectures in the ‘Resources’ section of the ProSkill website.

ProSkill Final Conference

ProSkill Inter-university Field Trip to Slovakia

The ProSkill Inter-University Field Trip 2022 was hosted by the Slovak University of Technology of Bratislava, in the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava. The trip was organised from 7 to 9 September 2022 and students and teachers for the ProSkill partner universities participated.

Participants of the ProSkill Inter-University Field Trip 2022 in Slovakia

Trnava is the oldest royal city in Slovakia with beautiful architecture and the largest preserved city fortification in central Europe. During the 3-day program, 80 students and 8 lecturers for the ProSkill partners universities had the opportunity to meet together and participate in factory and laboratory visits, workshops and social activities.

After the official registration and welcome dinner on the first day, the attendees took part in a sightseeing tour in the historic centre of Trnava.

The program of the second day focused on visiting a factory: Schaeffler Slovakia in Skalica. The visit included workshops and direct access to the production facilities of one of the biggest employers in Slovakia. Schaeffler Skalica presented its innovative technologies and products related to electromobility, industry 4.0, digitalisation, and renewable energies. All of them lead to a more efficient, smart and sustainable motion and mobility. The workshop was followed by a Q&A session. After this, the students and lecturers visited the production’s most attractive spots for 3D printing, robotics, production automation, environmental engineering, grinding, honing and assembly or milling and turning. The day in the factory was finalised with a quiz for the students and lecturers and a social activity.

Students visiting the factory Schaeffler in Skalica

On the last day of the trip, the students and lecturers attended the workshops dedicated to 3D digitalisation and 3D printing. In addition, they visited the Centre of Excellence of 5-Axis Machining in the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, where the dedicated lecturers and scientists presented their laboratory equipment and had short workshops with the students on 3D digitalisation, electron and laser beam welding, additive manufacturing, 5-axis machining tools, production facilities and systems or virtual reality.

Students participating in the ProSkill Inter-University Field Trip in Trnava were grateful for the interesting, inspirational and educational program. The organiser, the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava, thanks all attendees for their cooperation. In addition, they thank Schaeffler Skalica for enabling the visit to their production facilities.

New PorSkill brochure available!

The second ProSkill brochure is now available. It showcases some of the most relevant educational activities organised within the framework of the EIT Raw Materials project, such as the International Mentoring Programme, the Inter-University Filed Trips, the Spend a Day with Me Programme and the Competition V4-SX Simulation of Stock Trading.

All the ProSkill activities aim at developing a high-skill ecosystem in the raw materials industry of the Visegrád Four countries by developing and implementing tailored educational activities for students and lecturers.

Download the new brochure here to learn more!