ProSkill in the second TRiPGiFT online event

The Erasmus+ project TRiPGiFT organised the second online event ‘Training pupils on geosciences through Virtual Field Trips’ on 9 May 2023. As the event focused on geoscience education, the ProSkill Coordinator Tamás Bakó was invited to give a presentation on the lessons learnt thanks to the ProSkill project that can be applied to other projects.


The TRiPGiFT online event was 4 hours long and different experts on geoscience education and virtual reality provided interesting presentations on related topics (see agenda).


The TRiPGiFT project will provide new tools for teaching and promoting geoscience education. Three Virtual Field Trips will be developed for understanding geological-geomorphological features, marble mining and extreme weather events accompanied by corresponding new educational material.

The second TRiPGiFT online event was recorded and it is available at the following links:

-Part 1:

-Part 2:

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