The ProSkill Partners has held the project kick-off meeting in University of Miskolc (Hungary), on 30 and 31 January 2020. The two-day meeting served as a starting point to develop the project, review the expected outputs, reports, events and plan ahead for 2020. ProSkill Project is three-year-long,  EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) funded project (Project Agreement No. 19081), coordinated by the University of Miskolc, and focuses on the development of a Skill Ecosystem in the Visegrád Four Counties: Poland ??, Hungary ?? , Slovakia ?? , Czech Republic ?? 

The employees of the future will have to adapt to new challenges and possess multidisciplinary skills. They have to have in-depth knowledge in one area, but also be able to speak the language of business and social sides. In ProSkill a skill ecosystem strategy is developed to reduce the negative effects of skill problems. To implement it a pilot project is launched with the direct and active participation of colleges for advanced studies.

The ProSkill Consortium

After a short welcoming address and introduction, Tamás Bakó from the University of Miskolc presented a project overview, followed by Imre Gombkötő who talked about presented the EIT Raw Materials overview, including the funding context, reporting, administrative issues and expectations from EIT.

The second half of the day, the partners focused on the review of deliverables, outputs due in 2020, and the Key Performance Indicators for the 2020 related activities. The first day finished with presentation of two local Colleges for Advanced Studies from the University of Miskolc. 

The second day started with the discussion of the Skill-ecosystem questionnaire, which determines the missing skills, what the companies really need in the medium and long term. The second topic was the presentation of hte Communication and Dissemination WP together with the review of planned events for 2020 (Earth-Day, National Conferences). The meeting finished with the discussion of risk assessment and potential mitigation measures. 

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