The employees of the future will have to adapt to new challenges and possess multidisciplinary skills. They must have in-depth knowledge in one area, but also be able to speak the language of business and social sides. In ProSkill (Project Agreement No. 19081), a skill ecosystem strategy is developed to reduce the negative effects of skill problems in the Raw Materials sector. To implement it a pilot project is launched with the direct and active participation of colleges for advanced studies.

“Be an engineer of the present, with the most prized skills of the future!”

About the Project

  • Start date: 1 January 2020, end date: 31 December 2022
  • Funding: € 640,516
  • Funding scheme: EIT Raw Materials, M&N Regional Innovation Schemes

The Project Objectives

  • High-Skill Ecosystem Strategy

    PROSKILL adopts a ‘skill ecosystem’ concept, looking at what (hard and soft) skillsare  missing  in  raw materials  sector,  which  areas  are affected by skill problems (shortages, mismatches and gaps) and what strategies can work. A high-skill ecosystem strategy supplemented with an action plan is going to be developed.

  • Training the trainer

    To ensure sustainability, the project focuses on the lecturers (‘train the trainer’). The main goal is to develop their knowledge about newand  innovative  educational  techniques  and  to  reshape the outdated curricula.

  • Pilot implementation

    A pilot project is going to be launched involving the colleges for advanced studies in partner HEIs. Short-term and long-term programmes help to implement the strategy with the targeted development of selected soft skills.

  • Capacity Building

    ProSkill contributes to achieving a key objective of the ESEE Education Concept Note related to ‘capacity building of vital skills and competencies of students, professionals and faculties in the ESEE region by transform best practices and experiences from the EIT RawMaterials community into resilient transferable programmes´.

Those results contribute to further modernisation of the ESEE education landscape and to covering new regions in RIS countries by KIC RM activity.

The Project Partners

PROSKILL is organized around 5 partners from 5 countries; – these include the Visegrad countries and EFG – with extensive experience in education, alternative finance, social media, utility service, research, innovation, investment, large-scale raw materials & mining project development and international networking on geoscience.

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